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Automatically controlled heating systems from Derby Products

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Derby Products  offers VFMi range of heat storage systems. These heaters can ideally be used for commercial, domestic and industrial applications. This range of heaters offers the users automatically controlled heating as well as permanent background warmth. This can be used when there is a sudden drop in the temperature as it comes with a direct acting element that is fitted in the air mixing, which provides back-up heat. This model of heating system from Derby Products comes with room thermostat controls that controls heat output automatically. The slow running fans are designed to provide rapid heat up.

In times when complete heating is required, the running fans force air through the heater core both in and out into the room and this is done through a mixing damper. This process provides rapid uniform hat up within the room, thus offering the heat required for the users. The fan automatically switches off as soon as the temperature reaches the preset level. Once a proper temperature is set, the VFMi heater from Derby Products maintains the desired room level there after.

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