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article image BHT200 mobile terminal series data-capture device.

DENSO International Australia has released the BHT200 mobile terminal series data-capture products.

The BHT200 series can scan 1mm barcodes at up to 1.2m, making it suitable for logistics and warehouse applications.

Designed for extreme conditions, the BHT200 series also offers the highest durability among products in the industrial handheld scanner market. It offers protection against water and dust, and is able to withstand up to 30 drops on concrete floors from 1.2m above the ground.

The BHT200 series features a 1/4 VGA TFT colour screen with liquid crystal colour, making the screen highly visible even in direct sunlight.

The unit is user friendly, weighing only 350g and offering a variety of keypad options and a convenient touch screen.

Each product in the series also has a vibration function, providing an effective means of error detection. Each product has been installed with an open operating system, Windows CE.NET, which provides scope for application development.

The trigger models (BHT280 series) deliver longer battery life, having the capacity for two batteries. The ergonomic design ensures user comfort and reduces scanning fatigue and the design is balanced allowing it to stand upright on the trigger base. DENSO also offers a palm held BHT260 series.

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