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Advanced remote vehicle security system

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DENSO Corporation , together with Toyota Motor Corporation, has developed a new remote security system that alerts drivers electronically if someone breaks into their vehicle. This new security system is installed on the Toyota Lexus GS launched last month in Japan.

In a conventional security system, when someone attempts to break into a locked vehicle, the horn sounds and the hazard lamps flash. With this remote security system, the system photographs the interior of the vehicle, and alerts the driver of the break-in attempt via email, as well as sounding the vehicle's horn and flashing the hazard lamps.

The system sends an email to the driver's personal computer or mobile phone with a break-in notification, including vehicle position and an Internet address. By accessing the Internet address provided, the driver can view the remote security system's photographs of the vehicle's interior.

DENSO developed three components for the system: a remote security electronic control unit (ECU), a security camera and an upgraded data communication module.

When an intruder is detected, the remote security ECU sends commands to the security camera to capture photographs. DENSO developed durable on-board semiconductor devices for the remote security ECU and security camera.

The data communication module receives the photo data and vehicle position information from the remote security system, and sends it to an external information center (called a G-book Center). The information center then sends the information to the driver's personal computer or mobile phone.

DENSO's upgraded communication module provides high-speed Internet connectivity, allowing the transfer of large amounts of data between the vehicle and the information center. In addition, the speed of information transmission and reception is greatly increased.

"DENSO has been developing a variety of body electronics products such as a remote keyless entry system and telecommunication products," said Susumu Harada, senior managing director of DENSO Corporation, responsible for the Electronic Systems Business Group. "We have taken full advantage of our expertise and experience in these fields to develop this new remote security system."

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