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Wireless mobile data computing on the road

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions are available from Dematic .

Advances in communications connectivity make it possible to cost effectively take the power of real time mobile data computing on the road, enhancing supply chain visibility and giving the user the information they need, when and where they need it.  

Until recently, real time wireless data communications were limited to the extent of a wireless network (WLAN).  

The capabilities of major telecommunications carriers’ mobile data networks (WWANs) have evolved to such a level that it is now cost effective to utilise these networks for reliable data transfer, where no fixed WLAN exists.  

The ability of wireless mobile data computers to utilise telco’s 3G and other third-party digital data communications networks extends their reach to virtually all corners of Australasia and beyond, making enterprise-wide RTL solutions a reality.  

Being able to utilise these networks in areas where no fixed WLAN exists greatly extends the range and cost efficiency of wireless mobile data computing applications.  

With no network to set up and maintain, enterprise mobility solutions deliver results and savings from day one.  

Enterprise mobility solutions are now being applied every day in areas like parcel deliveries, with new applications constantly emerging. These include the growing use of mobile data computers in field operations from sales and service support to asset and resource tracking and management. In areas where there is no WLAN or WWAN connectivity, batch solutions, which automatically connect to a WLAN or WWAN as soon as one becomes available, can be implemented.  

Wireless Enterprise mobility solutions are usable for: 

  • Mail and parcel freight 
  • Transport 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Equipment hire 
  • Utilities field operations 
  • Sales and service support 
  • Field cash sales 
  • Equipment and facility audits 
  • Asset and resource tracking  
Benefits of Wireless Enterprise mobility solutions: 
  • Full track, trace and proof-of-delivery 
  • Greater supply chain visibility 
  • Improves data integrity 
  • Accurate data collection/transfer 
  • Enhanced customer service

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