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Voice picking from Dematic increases productivity

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article image Voice picking from Dematic increases productivity

Voice picking systems from Dematic  have been shown to increase productivity up to 35% and accuracy up to 99.99%. The voice terminal prompts the operator through each picking assignment with verbal instructions. To verify the correct location and product being picked, pickers read the location’s assigned check digit or the last three digits of the product barcode. The voice picking system verifies this and then tells the picker the quantity to pick.

Increased Productivity

In a voice picking system,  voice increases productivity as pickers hear instructions as they are working rather than having to stop to read a screen or list. They are focused on the product in the location. The picker has his hands free so does not have to put down and pick up pen and paper or a hand-held device. Scanning is not essential. The picker simply picks the quantity instructed and verbally confirms the quantity he has picked back to the system as he is placing the product on to the cage/ pallet. In this way he is given the next location to go to before he is even travelling.

Increased Accuracy using the voice picking system

The constant confirmations by the picker in real time makes it almost impossible to make a cross-pick, eliminating costly picking errors and the need for staff to put them right or settle claims.

Real Time Management

As the voice picking system is constantly updated in real time, the supervisor is kept aware of pickers’ performance and order completion status. An additional benefit of the workload being monitored centrally is reduced demand on the supervisor’s time, allowing the capacity to focus on other key activities.  

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