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SortDIRECTOR modular software solutions available from Dematic

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article image SortDIRECTOR, modular software solutions available from Dematic

Dematic introduces SortDIRECTOR,  modular software solutions designed to provide real-time control of a range of medium to high speed sorters.

Sortation of products is a process that  requires high speed data transfer between control modules and the sortation management software. SortDIRECTOR has been specifically formulated to provide dispatch modes suitable for any level of system complexity, running at optimum speed.

A single SortDIRECTOR modular software is capable of  running multiple PLCs, the number of which will be determined by the type of dispatch mode required and the type of machine-level controller employed.

Thanks to the configuration mode of  SortDIRECTOR, adding diverts or even a second sorter becomes a  simple procedure.

SortDIRECTOR modular software can also allocate orders to shipping lanes based on lane availability. Once an order is assigned to a lane, only that order is allowed to sort to that lane. When complete, the lane is free to accept a new order.

The following are some of the advantages of the SortDIRECTOR, modular software solutions:

  • Configure, control, and coordinate your order fulfilment operations
  • Exchange key fulfilment information and status with your Host 
  • Administer the system – as much or as little as you desire 
  • Monitor operations as they occur through the fulfilment and sortation operations 
  • Categorize, display and print statistical data 
  • Manage similar groupings of dispatch requests and map several IDs to one destination, or one ID to several destinations 
  • Gain control by configuring or changing carton destinations and/or attributes

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