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article image By freeing the operator’s hands to handle the stock items, the order picker can focus entirely on retrieving the required items.

Dematic is a pioneer of Voice systems in Australia and New Zealand and has supported the shift by warehouse operations to adopt Voice. It is a standard software package that can convert RF screens to voice dialog. This simple and intuitive software was designed by Dematic to improve productivity of companies that use picking software. Grocery, general merchandise retailers and packaged goods manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand, can benefit hugely from Voice picking technology.

The benefits of RapidVoice technology are that the software can be used with the existing WMS eliminating the need for system changes. By using Voice technology RapidVoice also allows the operator’s hands to be free handle the stock items, significantly increasing productivity and reducing the chances of making mistakes while eyes are distracted.

Dematic’s RapidVoice software also features Dematic technology that allows it to add missing information such as the check digits that make a Voice system safe proofing, therefore increasing reliability.

Dematic is offering a limited number of RapidVoice pilots and is seeking to hear from companies who are currently looking at ways to improve the productivity of their RF picking operation.

More detailed information about this and other Dematic products can be found online.

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