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RapidPick from Dematic - A New Generation of Order Fulfilment Stations

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article image RapidPick Modular Pick Stations

The new modular pick station RapidPick from Dematic combines ergonomic design and proven conveying technology to achieve up to 1000 item picks per hour utilising the Goods-to-Person (GTP) principle.  

With this new modular pick station design Dematic is extending its product range of dedicated solutions for efficient intralogistics.  

By delivering goods needed to fulfil orders to the picker, instead of them having to locate and transport the goods themselves, RapidPick modular pick stations eliminate the need for travel, vastly improving the efficiency, productivity and safety of the process.  

Paying particular attention to the ergonomic aspects of the concept, RapidPick order fulfilment stations have been designed so that operators are always working at a comfortable height. The product is automatically presented along with the destination order tote.  

Each station can be tailored to match individual requirements, incorporating an adjustable platform to allow easy access to these totes or cartons at heights suitable for the operators. Once the pick is made, the system automatically removes the finished product tote, ready to present the next item.  

The flexible design of RapidPick modular pick stations also features optimal lighting, large and comfortable operating controls as well as fully adjustable HMI screens, which provide the visual management of the pick processes.  

The high resolution screens clearly display article volumes, photos of the product for easy identification and a 3D visualisation of the positioning of the picks in the order carton.  

These features contribute to highly accurate, safe and comfortable order picking.  

Key benefits:

  • Eliminates picker travel
  • Increases productivity
  • Substantially reduces pick errors
  • Improves OH&S
  • Flexible design
  • Intuitive operation

RapidPick modular pick stations facilitate highly flexible, non-fatigue working conditions with high picking rates.

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