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RapidPick Ergonomic Picking Stations from Dematic

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New RapidPick picking stations from Dematic offer excellent picking performance of up to 1,800 items per hour.

This superior picking rate is enabled by the innovative configuration of Dematic’s new RapidPick stations, which can be fully tailored to match the operators’ individual requirements.

RapidPick operator platforms and work tables are height adjustable, and the picking stations also feature optimal workplace lighting, large and comfortable operating controls as well as acknowledge buttons.

Height and rake adjustable display screens provide visual management of the pick processes. The multicolour, high-resolution screen displays simple, easily understood symbols for article volumes, photos of the products to be picked and a 3D description of the positioning of the picks in the order carton.

All these features contribute to fast, accurate and safe order picking without errors. Check weighing can also be integrated to further improve accuracy.

RapidPick picking stations facilitate highly flexible, non-fatiguing working conditions with reliably high picking rates. 

Goods-to-Person Order Picking (GTP)

Totes containing SKUs for orders are retrieved from an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) and transported by conveyor to the workstations in the correct sequence for efficient order assembly.

The totes are scanned as they enter the workstation. A monitor at the workstation indicates the pick quantity for the tote and order. 

For picking stations capable of processing batches of up to 24 orders at a time, Pick-to-Light (PTL) displays indicate the location and quantity of SKUs required for each of the orders being processed concurrently.

The workstation operator picks the indicated quantity and puts the quantity into the relevant shippers.

When the required quantity of SKUs has been removed from the tote, the operator is informed that picking for the SKU is complete. The operator releases the tote, which will be transported to the next workstation requiring that SKU, or be returned to the AS/RS if no further SKUs are required.

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