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Patented Smart FreePick Maximiser software by Dematic

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Smart FreePick Maximiser developed by Dematic is patented picking software that makes picking goods for full case orders without ‘physically’ touching them possible. This decreases the process up to 60% and significantly improves operator productivity, reduces distribution costs and increases throughput capacity.

By analysing and cross matching customer requirements, it is possible to match multiple full case orders to full pallet quantities. Picking the stock for one or more orders leaves behind a ‘free pick’ quantity for another order.  The productivity gains to be made by matching like orders and picking them in a high rate pick module are very substantial.

Using a number of complex algorithms, Dematic’s Free Pick Maximiser re-sequences orders, generates the best quality 'free pick’ opportunities and the peak fulfilment sequences for all batch orders.

The ‘free pick maximiser’ concept can be used manually or by an incorporated robot to do the picking. The picking software can also can be deployed in mixed case pallet, or mixed layer pallet picking operations. Either way, significant productivity increases of up to 400% are achievable.

The FreePick Maximiser picking software is assembled adjacent to the Free Pick Maximiser order-picking module where it requires full or empty pallets to be loaded sequentially on combined pallet conveyors using a forklift. The conveyors automatically deliver up to two full pallets (donor order pallets) and up to two empty pallets (put order pallets).

From transferring the required number of cases from the donor order pallets to the put order pallets, or assembling multiple customer orders at the same time, large screen workstations and FreePick Maximiser picking software help directs the operator through this whole process.

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