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New RapidPick split case picking stations announced by Dematic

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article image A new RapidPick split case picking station in operation

A new range of RapidPick ergonomic split case picking stations which can boost operator productivity rates to over 1,000 items per hour has been introduced by Dematic .

Capable of processing multiple orders concurrently, these new picking stations feature an innovative configuration that has been designed to meet the individual requirements of operators, with height adjustable operator platforms and work tables supplied as standard.

Height and rake adjustable display screens provide simple step-by-step management of the picking process.

These high resolution screens display simple and easily understood symbols for order volumes, along with photos of the products to be picked. This ensures fast, accurate and safe order picking, with the option to integrate check weighing to further improve accuracy.

When RapidPick split case picking stations are in operation, totes containing stock for orders are retrieved from an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) and transported by conveyors to the workstation.

As they enter the workstation, the totes are scanned and a monitor indicates the pick quantity for the tote and order.

For RapidPick picking stations that are configured to process multiple orders at a time, Pick to Light (PTL) displays indicate the location and quantity of items required for each of the orders being processed concurrently.

Workstation operators can then pick the indicated quantity and put the items into the relevant shipping cartons. When the required quantity of stock has been removed from the tote, the operator is informed that picking for that item is complete.

When the operator releases the tote, it will be automatically transported to the next workstation requiring that item, or be returned to the ASRS if no further goods are required.

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