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New Dematic RapidStore Mini Load system automatically lifts storage and handling performance

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The new Dematic RapidStore Mini Load (ML) systems provide increased performance in the automated storage and handling of products in distribution centres and raw materials stores.
Ideal for handling cartons, cases, totes and trays weighing up to 450kg, the RapidStore ML system finds use in kitting, buffering, staging and sequencing stock in manufacturing and distribution applications.
Dematic RapidStore ML and ML+ Storage & Retrieval Machines (SRMs) provide the ideal interface between bulk reserve stock and online stock in picking and assembly applications. They can be designed to meet height and throughput constraints, and tailored to meet any storage and handling requirements.
Flexible, scalable, modular RapidStore Mini Load system
Efficiently breaking goods down from bulk unit loads such as pallets to smaller loads for picking or kitting is often key to effective operations in a distribution centre or raw materials store. RapidStore ML and ML+ systems can be integrated with a comprehensive range of conveyors, diverts, merges and accumulation conveyors, as well as a full range of conveyor sorting systems to transport stock to and from the system in precisely the right sequence to meet the exacting needs of high-speed kitting and order fulfilment applications.
High-speed, high-performance load handling
Fitted with new generation load handling devices (LHDs), high-speed RapidStore SRMs can quickly select, retrieve and put away a variety of containers holding stock across a wide range of applications.
Designed for ultra high-speed load handling, RapidStore LHDs use precision telescoping arms and belt drives to handle goods quickly and effectively, and are available in fixed or flexible variants allowing the handling of multiple load sizes. A wide range of LHDs enables the efficient handling of single, double or triple loads in side-by-side or stacked configurations on double-masted SRMs, making it possible to handle and transfer up to six loads simultaneously for optimum performance.
Single-masted SRMs can handle up to four loads at a time
SRMs are cleverly designed to minimise the distance between storage systems and the load, providing better overall space utilisation.
Smart Location Control Software (LCS) interfaces with the user’s warehouse management or enterprise resource planning (WMS/ERP) system, ensuring full system accountability and a high degree of management control. Controls provide systems visualisation with a user-friendly interface displaying order status, as well as service diagnostics.
The Dematic RapidStore ML family

  • ML10 and ML14 with lightweight, aluminium masts for dual handling of totes, trays, cartons and cases weighing up to 50kg to heights of 10m and 14m respectively
  • Lightweight, aluminium double-masted ML20 ensures stability and safe operation up to 20m high and can carry one, two or three LHDs in single or double deep configurations, giving it the ability to handle and transfer up to six loads at a time
  • ML+300 heavy-duty, double-masted ASRS made from lightweight, high-strength steel capable of handling loads of 340kg to heights up to 20m, and suitable for use with single and double deep telescopic tables with grippers and extractors
  • Single-masted ML+350 and ML+450 for use with a range of specialised LHDs in spare parts stores, machine assembly centres and libraries, where heavy loads are typically carried in steel bins or crates

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