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New Dematic Multishuttle 2 delivers faster, more cost-efficient storage and sequencing

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article image Multishuttles with flexible extraction devices enable the system to handle an increased range of totes, cartons or trays

Dematic  has upgraded its high-performing Multishuttle system to deliver faster operating speeds, higher payload capacity and multi-deep storage capability.
Nearly 4000 Multishuttles are incorporated into 60 systems throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, revolutionising the storage, handling, buffering, staging and sequencing of totes, cases and trays in high volume order fulfilment operations.
Instead of the cranes typically used in automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), Multishuttle systems use a fleet of self-propelled carts to retrieve and put goods away in an ultra space-efficient storage system at very high speeds.
Dematic’s second generation Multishuttle 2 incorporates advanced engineering, lightweight aluminium construction and a new load extractor for enhanced performance, speed and efficiency. Designed to supply sequenced products for order fulfilment, pick face replenishment or mixed case palletising, Multishuttle 2 can be utilised in a wide range of applications from short-term buffer storage to production support. The all-new design Standard, Flex and Belted Multishuttles enable the system to be tailored to meet each user’s unique product handling requirements.
Key features of Dematic Multishuttle 2 system:

  • Telescopic arms automatically adjust to the width of the load to be handled
  • Flex option enables rapid retrieval of variable load sizes and types of packaging without the use of trays
  • Eight-finger design of the load extractor and overlapping telescopic arms enables Multishuttle 2 carts to store products single, double, or multi-deep
  • Load capture fingers are carbon fibre reinforced for robust long-term performance
  • New load extractor design minimises space between products, maximising storage density
  • Can be configured to handle loads up to 50kg in a range of widths from 150-650mm, lengths from 200-875mm, and heights from 50-600mm
Dematic Multishuttle 2 features

  • Four to seven times greater throughput than conventional ASRS solutions
  • Feeds workstations with high rates to keep operators fully utilised
  • Fewer aisles required to obtain the same throughput, reducing space required
  • Can be implemented virtually anywhere including wasted airspace and under or over obstructions, optimising warehouse space
  • Supports multi-depth storage and handling of units of different sizes tightly packed without fixed storage locations
  • Delivers loads in the exact sequence required to pick and palletising stations
  • MS Flex option accommodates various load sizes
  • Low voltage carrier uses less energy and provides quieter operation
  • Identical interchangeable carriers enable fast replacement
  • Work platforms in aisles provide manual access to inventory and for servicing
  • Additional Multishuttles can be added at any stage to further increase throughput

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