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There are hundreds of mobile computers available. Working out which would be the best fit for the mobile computing requirements requires extensive logistics applications knowledge and experience. Dematic can help customers in choosing the suitable mobile computing solutions for their requirements.

Industrial mobile computing requires hardware and wireless networking systems designed for the environment, be it within the four walls of a warehouse, large, outdoor areas such as container terminals or across the whole enterprise.

Specialist suppliers to the mobile computing industry such as LXE, Motorola (Symbol) and Psion Teklogix, put their equipment through harsher testing regimes than normal consumer or retail spec equipment. Items such as hand held terminals are repeatedly dropped from heights to ensure they can withstand the inevitable bumps and drops, and specially-rated mobile computers are also available for operation in temperature extremes, such as, freezers and in wet and hazardous areas.

Dematic can help customers to select the technology solution for their application and budget, seamlessly integrate the solution with the host computer system and provide 24/7 technical and online support. Compared to many other types of capital purchases, real time logistics solutions deliver results immediately. Cost reductions through enhanced productivity and accuracy means solutions often pay for themselves in as little as three to six months.

Following are the mobile computers available:

  • Barcode & RFID scanners/readers
  • Hand held and wearable mobile computers
  • Vehicle-mounted mobile computers
  • Touch-screen mobile computers
  • Voice-directed computers
  • Special models for wet, cold and hazardous areas
  • Proof-of-delivery and mobility solutions

Following are the benefits of using mobile computers:

  • Removes paper facilitating paperless warehousing
  • Ensures accurate data collection/transfer
  • Eliminates time and labour-consuming repetitive tasks
  • Enhances worker productivity by eliminating time wasted working out what to do or where to go
  • Optimises equipment and resource utilisation
  • Facilitates real time data transfer and supply chain management

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