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Material Flow Control with Dematic's RFID technology

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article image Material Flow Control with Dematic's RFID technology

Radio Frequency Identification  (RFID) technology is one of the most commonly applied intelligent logistic solutions delivered by Dematic .  

The company has developed numerous RFID applications for companies across a wide range of industries including mail order, food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and automotive.

RFID technology allows data transfer between small transponders (RFID Tags) attached to an object and  stationary RFID readers.

Material Flow Control is easily managed with RFID technology, from receipt of goods via picking to shipping – even complex material flows can be controlled by RFID technology. Carriers (trays or pallets) are labeled with RFID tags that contain identification and control information such as transport destination and specific routing information. 

Additional information like a purchase order number can be saved on the tags as well. This data is read by the RFID readers and directly transmitted to the PLCs in order to control the material handling equipment.

All routing decisions are made directly at the equipment controls level using locally available data. The local information processing reduces the workload of the communication networks. 

The results of less complex IT solutions and options for parallel and local tests are considerably lowered project risks and easier commissioning.

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