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LXE MX8 handheld computers available from Dematic

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The compact MX8 handheld computer, available from Dematic , is a suitable data-collection device for a wide array of tasks in a multitude of environments. From the rough neighbourhoods of scan-intensive warehouse operations to the temperate climate of the retail storefront, the lightweight MX8 computer is suitable for homes. The LXE MX8 handheld computer is engineered for all-day comfort, yet tough enough to endure day-to-day operations.

Multi-modal and multi-use: The MX8 computer can be used for voice and/or scanning in challenging warehouse environments or in the storefront for retail inventory.

The MX8 computer ships voice-ready with ToughTalk technology, a specialised combination of LXE's trademark rugged system design, advanced audio circuitry and noise-cancelling techniques - for industrial-grade voice logistics applications.

Windows Mobile 6.1 or CE 5.0: With tough yet ergonomic exterior, the LXE MX8 handheld computer has enough power to support all application needs. Users may choose either Windows Mobile 6.1 or CE 5.0 operating systems, high-performance processor, 802.11a/b/g radio and the latest Bluetooth technology.

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