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Integrated mobile computing solutions for your industry, your applications

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article image Integrated mobile computing solutions for your industry, your applications

Dematic’s Real Time Logistics group has been implementing integrated IT and mobile computing solutions across the supply chain for over 20 years. Our extensive applications and IT systems integration experience gives us the ability to implement and support real time logistics solutions in any industry and environment.


In manufacturing you need to know what you have and where you have it. Real time logistics solutions greatly enhance the efficiency of inventory management and play an essential role in supporting just-in-time production. Interfacing directly with your manufacturing/ERP system, they are a real-time link to the shop floor, enhancing productivity and accuracy, and providing automated batch/lot tracking.


Dematic RTL systems operate in hundreds of container terminals throughout Asia. Spread over large areas and containing tall stacks of shipping containers, ports present a unique set of challenges for radio communications.

Wireless mobile data computers, mostly vehicle-mounted to container handling forklifts, are used for tracking container movements during loading and unloading, and for checking container locations and status, speeding container turnaround and improving space and equipment utilisation.

In addition to location data, AutoID technologies like RFID make it possible to monitor events such as temperature changes.


RTL solutions improve productivity and accuracy in both front and back of store operations. Whether it is scanning stock locations and updating stock levels in the store, or acknowledging goods receipt in the receiving dock, mobile data computers are an integral component of the retail supply chain.

Parcel Freight

Real time mobility solutions utilising lightweight, hand held computers with scanning and sign-on glass abilities close the IT data loop and provide full track, trace and proof-of-delivery.


Drivers can maintain real time connection to their host computer application in most areas of Australia. Data accuracy is guaranteed through scanning at pick-up and delivery, providing supply chain visibility and full traceability.


Mobile computers have quickly become an indispensable tool for service technicians and field sales applications. They provide on-the-spot access to vital information such as drawings and part numbers, remove paper from the process, and automate data collection.

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