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Dematic order assembly breakthrough delivers the goods

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Most order pickers actually spend much more time travelling between picks than they do picking – even if they are equipped with forklifts or pallet trucks – adding significantly to distribution costs.

So imagine how much more efficient, productive and safe order assembly teams would be if the goods they needed to fulfil orders came to them, instead of them having to go, find and transport the goods.

Goods to the Person (GTP)

The principle of Goods to the Person (GTP) picking is not new. But changes in government regulations combined with advances in technology and software are increasingly making GTP a very attractive option for many distribution operations.

Ergonomic Pick and Put Stations 

Dematic has developed and implemented Ergonomic Pick and Put Workstation configurations capable of fulfilling multiple orders concurrently.

Order assembly - High Rate Put Stations for Fast Movers

Dematic High Rate Put Stations can be an ideal solution for fast moving product lines. Directed by PTL or voice, pickers fulfil batches of orders without having to leave their workstation. This is only possible where sophisticated sequencing software and controls seamlessly supply the right stock to the Put Station, precisely when it is needed to match a corresponding order.

Order assembly - High Rate Pick Stations for Slower Movers

The High Rate Pick Station is also suited to the requirements of slow moving product lines within a DC. Fed by Dematic’s new high throughput Multishuttle storage and retrieval engine, these stations can deliver pick rates of up to 700 lines per hour.

How Dematic Pick and Put Stations Work

Empty order totes and full inventory totes carrying the goods for picking are transported by an integrated conveyor system, arriving concurrently at the workstations in the exact sequence required to fulfil the next order(s). The minimum manual handling and effort is needed by the operator to pick and place the required items to the order(s) being picked, with the conveyor system transporting order totes to despatch and the inventory totes back to storage.

Dematic Multishuttle: Automated Storage Buffer & Order Sequencing

Picking goods efficiently through Ergonomic Workstations is one thing; supplying the goods needed to fulfil orders in the correct sequence to facilitate order assembly is the other half of Dematic’s Goods to the Person (GTP) solution.

Order assembly : Multi-function Multishuttle

Dematic’s Multishuttle extends the range of applications possible with automated storage systems, allowing a completely new range of automated solutions to be developed.

Dematic Multishuttle: How it works

The Multishuttle buffer storage system houses all of the stock required to assemble the next batch of orders. As items are being picked and sent to the pick face, new items are automatically inducted to replenish the storage buffer. It provides a vital interlink and buffer between bulk storage and order fulfilment, ensuring the necessary stock to fulfil orders is always on hand, improving order fill rates and customer service levels.

Real Time Logistics and Software Integration

Scheduling and sequencing stock to fulfil a large number of orders at the same time requires smart software and integrated controls.
Dematic’s DC DIRECTOR interfaces with the user’s host computer system, typically a warehouse management system (WMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite.

Dematic Goods to the Person (GTP) Solutions

Dematic is progressively developing the GTP concept, with several of the world’s leading manufacturers, retailers and distributors implementing systems with varying degrees of complexity. Locally Dematic is currently commissioning the first two semi-automated GTP systems in Australasia, with several more in process.

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