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Dematic introduces new modular conveyor system

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Dematic  has introduced a new modular conveyor system (MCS) into the Australian and New Zealand markets.
The new Dematic modular conveyor system is a fully integrated package conveyor system, ideal for handling a range of conveyables such as cases, totes, trays, or parcels in high throughput distribution or manufacturing facilities or where handling requirements are repetitive.
Dematic MCS offers a complete range of modules to provide highly efficient material flow in new or existing facilities. The modular conveyor system uses a universal side channel and standard components for all modules to enable changing the function of a conveyor without having to change-out entire conveyor sections.
The modular design of Dematic MCS allows modifications to be made to the system without removing or replacing sections of the conveyor. For example, a section of roller conveyor can be converted to a belt conveyor for handling more difficult loads, or a transportation conveyor can be changed to accumulation or vice versa. A right angle transfer can easily be inserted into a section of conveyor without affecting operational performance.
Clever design provides MCS users the benefits of standardisation with the same carrier rollers, motor driven rollers, segmented belts, side frames, electronic sensors, motor controls, zone control logic assemblies, drive belts, and other components used throughout all modules.
Key features of Dematic modular conveyor systems:

  • Includes a full range of value adding conveyor functions such as transportation, accumulation, merging, diverting and sorting
  • Modular design allows modifications to be made without removing or replacing sections of conveyor
  • Modularity delivers greater flexibility when relocating or reconfiguring, saving many thousands of dollars in complex changeovers
  • Offers more drive options using AC drive motors, DC low voltage motor driven rollers, or a combination of both
  • Drive solutions extend the range of applications, and also offer low energy consumption
Benefits of Dematic MCS

  • Easy to re-configure layout
  • Easy to change functions
  • Reduces parts inventory
  • Conveys more load types
  • Excellent carton control
  • Uses fewer drives
  • Energy efficient
  • Sleek design

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