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Dematic automated goods-to-person solutions lead market in supply chain race

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Automated goods-to-person (GTP) solutions from Dematic are helping businesses reduce cost while increasing accuracy and delivery performance. Dematic is a leading supplier of logistics systems for distribution, manufacturing and warehouse environments.
Dematic’s Multishuttle and RapidPick GTP systems make multichannel distribution seamless in an environment that sees increased pressure on the supply chain.
The rise in ecommerce globally and in Australia has increased the pressure on the supply chain causing many retailers to accommodate the distribution of goods to both stores and directly to individual customers from a single warehouse. Called multichannel distribution, this type of distribution adds to the already complex process of back-end fulfilment.
Businesses can use the challenges of the changing market as an opportunity to streamline the fulfilment process, and find space, time and cost efficiencies through advanced order picking technologies such as automated goods-to-person systems.
Dematic is helping businesses navigate wholesale, retail and ecommerce fulfilment while maximising inventory storage space and increasing labour productivity through its Multishuttle and RapidPick GTP systems.
By reversing the order fulfilment process and bringing the goods to the person fulfilling the order, these automated solutions eliminate the travel time associated with conventional picking methods and deliver higher levels of accuracy, flexibility and safety, positively impacting a company's bottom line.
Pas Tomasiello, Manager - Integrated Systems at Dematic explains that automated goods-to-person systems can be surprisingly effective in the complex world of multichannel order fulfilment as they not only increase accuracy and delivery performance but also actually reduce cost.
The Dematic Multishuttle is a next-generation automated system for the storage and retrieval of cases, totes and trays, and is designed to enhance the interface between buffer storage and functions such as picking, order assembly and sequencing. Multishuttle automated goods-to-person systems can be easily adapted to buildings of any shape or size to suit varying requirements of retailers.
The RapidPick GTP system complements the high supply rates achieved by the Multishuttle, and has been developed as a highly ergonomic pick station designed to enhance split-case order fulfilment. RapidPick enables pick rates of up to 1,000 line items per operator, per hour.
The total solution comprising of the Multishuttle and RapidPick systems is especially compact in design typically using a 30-65% smaller footprint than other systems. Depending on activity profile, the Multishuttle and RapidPick systems can be fully customised.

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