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Dematic Voice-Pick Carts

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Pick Carts, brought to you by Dematic ,  are a highly efficient solution for picking in non-automated systems.
An operator picks discretely to multiple orders on a single trip reducing the total travel time per order. In a typical configuration, the Pick Cart will have 3-4 shelves to accommodate the shipping containers for up to 40 orders.   Each picker is directed on the most efficient pick path via voice commands. When the picker arrives at a pick location, they confirm the location via check digit.

Once confirmed, the operator is instructed how many items to pick to each discrete order container on the Pick Cart.  The right order container is verified either by voice or hand scanner.  

Benefits of Voice-Pick Carts:     

  • Ideal for picking items in non-automated systems 
  • Increased productivity è     Increased accuracy     
  • Cost proportional to number of pickers     
  • Flexibility to changing workloads      

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