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Dematic RapidStore’s new modular design improves efficiency in pallet handling

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RapidStore, by Dematic , are new modular automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) for pallet loads.  This pallet handling system significantly reduces the lead time, engineering complexity and costs associated with implemented automated storage solutions.

The RapidStore was designed and engineered in Germany and manufactured in China by Dematic.  The automatic palletising system was designed to suit local market requirements.  RapidStore integrates standard components, to optimise reliability and minimise costs, from leading global suppliers including SEW, MIAS and Siemens.

Features of the Dematic RapidStore:

  • Requires aisles just 250mm wider than the load, and reaches up to 30 metres high.
  • Average retrieval rate of 63 pallets per hour, or 40 double cycles in a single deep system of 24m high with 65m long aisle.
  • Capable of operating 24/7
  • Offers faster cycle times than manually operated narrow aisle reach and turret trucks.
  • Travel speeds up to 240 m/min with hoisting speeds up to 85 m/min and fork speeds up to 90 m/min.
  • The RapidStore system includes integrated pallet in-feed/out-feed stations, and Dematic’s Location Control Software to provide full sytem accountability and management control.

Dematic RapidStore ASRS pallet handling system is available in a range of sizes and speeds to cater for different storage and handling requirements.  Suitable for new and existing facilities.

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