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Dematic Introduces the New Multishuttle Flex Materials Handling Systems

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Dematic  recently added the Multishuttle Flex to their already comprehensive range of Multishuttle materials handling systems. Equipped with a telescoping Load Handling Device (LHD), the Multishuttle Flex (MS-Flex) features a split chassis design consisting of a fixed side front and a moveable side back, which provides the LHD with its flexible width adjustment. As such, these load handling systems have the capacity to handle a variety of unit loads, such as totes, trays and cartons, ranging in width from 200-625mm.

MS-Flex has been designed for both single and double deep applications, featuring a set of retractable fingers used to put-away and retrieve loads from the storage system. With variable length loads, the position of where the fingers engage the unit load is dynamic. With an integrated controller, the system can use length data to calculate where the edge of the load is relative to the fingers. Once calculated, the telescoping LHD moves rapidly to a point prior to finger engagement of the unit load, slows down to engage the item, then accelerates for the rest of the handling cycle, optimising throughput.

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