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Dematic Corp to share new Supply Chain Insights at SMART 2011

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VP Mike Khodl of Intergrated Systems Dematic Corp is to release a world exclusive paper entitled “Supply Chain Pivot Points, Past, Present and Future”.

The paper will address three specific themes:

• What were key “pivot points” that changed today’s supply chains
• What can we learn from those paradigm shifts
• What’s new on the supply chain horizon that will change the way we do things in the future

Khodl’s position is not complex: What was done yesterday directly affects the outcomes of today. Khodl relates this back to all aspects of business.

In hindsight, we can clearly look back at events and see what forever changed the supply chain logistics business. Businesses and managers who recognised the changes and adopted early got ahead of the game. The creation of unit loads, barcodes, and wireless communications are simple concepts but were revolutionary in their day.

Khodl also explains that a lot of exciting progressions are coming to the industry, changing the future of supple chain operations and the rewards for managers with insight, are not far from boundless.

“We feel really honoured to have Mike come out to Smart 2011,” said Peter Trotter, Dematic’s GM Marketing for Asia Pacific, “Mike has had vast experience in Logistics system design and is one of best equipped guys in the world to address these questions…I think this presentation is one not to be missed.”

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