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BIG W wins Smart Award for Supply Chain and Distribution using Multishuttle technology

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article image (L-R) Peter Griffiths, KPMG (sponsor of the award), Paul Hill, Woolworths, and Allan Murray, Chair of the Smart Committee.

Dematic Multishuttle system is one of the technological innovations that have helped BIG W win a major award at the recent Smart 2013 Supply Chain Awards.
BIG W’s 89,000m² distribution centre (DC) at Hoxton Park in Sydney won the Award for Excellence in Supply Chain Management and Distribution at the Smart 2013 Supply Chain Awards.
Incorporating some of the most sophisticated array of materials handling and order fulfilment technologies and software in Australia, BIG W’s DC is equipped with the first Dematic Multishuttle automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), which buffers, sequences and delivers stock to the first RapidPick order fulfilment stations in the country, enabling a single operator to process up to 24 orders at a time.
Australia’s First Dematic Multishuttle: A Step Change in ASRS

Unlike conventional ASRS, which typically uses cranes to access stock, Dematic’s new Multishuttle system uses a fleet of self-propelled carts to retrieve or store goods in an ultra space-efficient storage system at very high speeds. Lifts at the end of each aisle transfer goods in and out of the system via integrated conveyors.
The BIG W Multishuttle is equipped with 70 Multishuttle carts, capable of performing over 30,000 storage and retrieval cycles per hour.
Dematic RapidPick GTP System

Multishuttle’s very high throughput rates make it an ideal buffer and sequencing platform to facilitate GTP picking. Dematic’s RapidPick GTP solution for BIG W uses a 1:24 configuration, which enables up to 24 separate orders to be picked concurrently by one operator; BIG W is therefore able to process up to 192 orders at a time with eight GTP workstations.
RapidPick GTP workstations optimise operator comfort, minimise fatigue and ensure sustained productivity. The operator does not need to move their hands above shoulder height or extend arms beyond a comfortable reach. Stock and shippers are automatically delivered to and removed from the workstation, eliminating the need for operators to lift or push cartons and totes.
Another benefit of the GTP operation is that it enables the Hoxton Park DC to pick and pack orders in family groups, which makes put-away to the relevant department within the retail store much quicker and easier.
BIG W Hoxton Park distribution centre
Spread across an area of 89,000m², Hoxton Park is the largest footprint DC in the Woolworths network with the capacity to house more than 50,000 pallets within a combination of conventional ColbyRACK pallet racking, drive-in racking, and pallet live storage in several walk-pick-to-belt case picking modules. 

The Smart 2013 Supply Chain Industry Awards were held as part of the Smart Conference 2013 in Sydney.

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