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Presenting geared motors

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Excellent line-fed travel motors for one or two speeds, conical-rotor brake motors for highest demands for starting and stopping applications, as well as cylindrical-rotor motors for standard applications are available for outputs ranging from 0.18 to 45 kW as D-type helical geared motors for 90 to 5800 Nm, as W-type angular geared motors for 120 to 12,000 Nm and as A-type offset geared motors from 130 to 11,500 Nm. 

Type A offset geared motors

From Demag Cranes & Components Pty Ltd, Type A offset geared motors are available in 9 sizes with shaft-mounted gearboxes and torque bracket and foot or flange – mounted configuration. They offer the optimum solution for space-saving and cost-effective drive requirements owing to their compact design.

For this reason, this gearbox type has become the preferred solution for travel applications.

Worm and Spiroplan geared motors

Spiroplan geared motors are available in two sizes in foot, flange and shaft-mounted design. Special features of the Spiroplan gearboxes are the low noise level and smooth running characteristics. Worm geared motors from a compact drive unit and thus provide optimum space-saving drive solutions. The worm and Spiroplan geared motors can be fitted with cylindrical rotor as well as cylindrical rotor brake motors.

Type W angular geared motors

Type w angular geared motors are available in ten sizes. They are fitted with output flanges, foot rails or torque brackets to meet your requirements.

The basic hyphoid gearbox sizes W10 to W50 are of two-stage design. The basic bevel gearbox sizes W60 to W100 are of three-stage design. The transmission ratio range of all gearboxes from size W20 can be significantly increased by means of an intermediate stage.

Type D helical geared motors

Type D helical geared motors are available in nine sizes. The coaxial housing design provides a wide range of mounting possibilities as foot or flange units. The transmission ratio of the basic two-stage gearbox is already very high. The transmission ratio of sizes D20 to D90 can be significantly increased by means of a flange-mounted intermediate stage.

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