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New microspeed motor units from Demag

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Microspeed units from Demag differ from drives with speed stages and variable-speed drive systems. They are a combinaion of two or more brake motors linked by a mechanical gearbox. The brake of the main motor is designed as a friction coupling; the brake of the creep speed motor acts either direct or via the gearbox of the complete drive. A number of speeds or whole ranges of speeds can be achieved by using pole-changing, slip-ring or DC motors.


  • Large speed ratios of up to 500: 1 are possible.
  • Precise stopping with creep speed motor for rapid positioning, high repeat positioning accuracy.
  • Higher switching frequency compared to pole-changing motors
  • Creep speed constant and virtually independent of the load

EG integral pulse generator

When the rotor rotates, two sensors trace a multi-pole magnet ring fixed to the rotor shaft. Depending on the application, the signals generated can be used to provide information and for monitoring and switching contacts by means of an evaluator unit.

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