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Modernisation and refurbishment services available from Demag

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Whether the consumer wants increased performance, additional functions and applications or just an extended service life, Demag’s team of specialists can adapt to consumers’ installation for optimum satisfaction of future requirements. For this purpose, Demag utilise the resources of the existing installation and upgrade all relevant components to ensure they are state-of-the-art. Regardless of whether it is an installation from Demag’s product range, or systems originally supplied by other manufacturers, refurbishment or modernisation makes them fit to meet future requirements.

Demag’s services include:
* Modification of the load capacity for changed or extended tasks
* Optimised lifting and travel speeds for hoists, cranes and crabs
* Check of the static design and survey of the crane runways
* Modernisation of the control system for improved ease of operation
* Optimised drives systems for precise and reliable travel and positioning
* Increased handling rate for shorter operating cycles

Modified applications
If the requirements are to be met by an installation change in terms of the load or the function within an operating process, it has to be adapted to the new situation as efficiently as possible. This usually results in the need to refurbish components or to incorporate additional function modules. If an existing installation is relocated in order to optimise operating sequences elsewhere, it will often make sense to modernise the installation at the same time.

Demag’s refurbishment specialists offer the following services:
* Optimise operating sequences for improved handling rates and greater efficiency
* Modify the span dimension, if an installation has to be relocated to an already existing crane runway
* Relocate and adapt installations to meet new requirements including disassembly, transport, modification, re-assembly and commissioning
* Modification of the load handling attachments, when the crane has to meet changed requirements
* Installation of weighing devices, which can also be calibrated, and therefore achieve improved safety and reliability for operating personnel, the installation and the load

All relevant installation parameters should be monitored constantly in order to ensure availability. The end of the design service life of a hoist can be detected in good time, for example,and significantly extended by means of general overhauls or also modernisation.

Demag’s modernisation and refurbishment specialists make a valuable contribution towards maintaining the value of installation and safeguard production processes against unscheduled downtimes.

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