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Demag Cranes & Components' Dedrive compact frequency inverters are variable frequency drives designed for arduous drive applications. 

With a 0.75 to 18.5kW output, Dedrive compact frequency inverters are designed to provide precision and practical control of AC electric motors. Dedrive frequency inverters can be used for stopping and controlling sequences for AC motors with shaft outputs between 0.75 to 55kW.

Purposes of using Dedrive compact frequency inverters with AC motors:

  • reduce loads on motors and gearboxes
  • allow goods to be handled gently
  • adapt processes with greater precision
  • protect mechanical elements
  • limit starting currents 
  • use motors more efficiently

Features and benefits of Demag's Dedrive compact frequency inverters:

  • the variable frequency drives are designed to protect installations and to reduce wear to a minimum 
  • high overload capability - the inverters provide performance reserves of up to 150% for 60 seconds and 200% for 10 seconds
  • high resistance to shaking and vibration
  • fast commissioning - as soon as the motor brake is applied and rating plate information is entered, the inverters are fully operational
  • integrated line filter - protects the supply system
  • advanced diagnostics - actual value displays facilitate exact process monitoring
  • tailored solutions - Demag’s engineers can program parameters to specified needs if required

Operation of Demag's Dedrive compact frequency inverters:

  • smooth acceleration and brake handling
  • travel characteristics are independent of the load
  • wide variable speed range to allow for low and high speed operations

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