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Demag Cranes & Components release DC-Wind chain hoist

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Demag Cranes & Components  have released the DC-Wind chain hoist to Australia.

When maintenance work needs to be carried out at a wind energy installation, for example on the generator, gearbox or brake, the spare parts have to be lifted up to the nacelle on the outside to heights of some 100 metres or more.

The additional time required to transport the material, which extends the time in which the installation is at standstill, shows that the efficiency of wind energy installations not only depends on their rated output and the strength of the wind, but also on the maintenance concept.

For this reason, service operations need to be completed quickly and as conveniently as possible. Indeed, the high efficiency of wind energy installations requires virtually continuous availability.

For this reason, Demag Cranes & Components have developed the DC-Wind chain hoist, which is designed precisely to meet the needs of the wind energy industry.

The DC-Wind chain hoist accelerates the supply of spare parts and is consequently a decisive factor in terms of short maintenance periods and minimised standstill times.

Development of the DC-Wind is based on the proven Demag DC chain hoist range and, therefore, incorporates the manufacturers’ many years of expertise.

Available in three sizes and featuring a maximum hook path of 130m, the chain hoist can quickly lift spare parts, equipment and tools weighing up to 1,000 kilograms into the nacelles of wind energy installations.

Further standard features of the compact, reliable and user-friendly chain hoist include operating limit switches for high and low hook positions as well as a high main lifting speed and a gentle creep lifting speed.

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