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DRS wheel block system from Demag Cranes and Components

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The Demag DRS wheel block system offers innovative solutions to meet increasing demands for greater efficiency and improved travel drive features, in the form of quality and outstanding functional reliability.

The housing, enclosed on five sides, protects the travel wheels from external mechanical influence.

The housing is made of high quality, corrosion-resistant, pressure or gravity die-cast aluminium provided with a powder coating up to 90 µm thick.

From size 250, the enclosure is a spheroidal graphite iron casting with machined connecting surfaces.

Only complete drive units are able to provide the solution to complex drive requirements, all parts, from the travel wheel, housing and connecting arrangement to the gearbox and motor, are all from the same modular system.

The patented asymmetrical housing eliminates the need for time-consuming removal and realignment of top-mounted wheel blocks when travel wheels have to be replaced. The housing remains connected to the installation.

Special flywheel drive with cylindrical-rotor motor for smooth starting, optionally also with asynchronous conical sliding-rotor motors for controlled drive requirements.

Compact travel drive with splined journal shaft for direct transfer of the drive torque.

Patented integrated torque bracket with wide degree of freedom for varied connection possibilities for AM type offset gearboxes.

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