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Static guards from Delta Security Group

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Delta Security Group  provide static guards. These static guards ensure to provide constant protective services to a client’s property or premises. Delta Security Group offer static guards for various places including construction sites, shopping centres, warehouses and vehicle dealership centres. Static guards from Delta Security Group are equipped with products such as torch, batons, mobile phones and briefing of the site. These guards require completing a nightly log that consists of duties and details of the checks carried out by the static guards. Static guards from Delta Security Group also need to record details of any suspicious activity, alarm activations and notes for general maintenance. The notes for general maintenance include presence of faulty locks and lights.

Mobile patrol units from Delta Security Group also conduct semi internal and internal check of the premises. The semi internal check comprises of checking doors and windows of external perimeter including fire doors and entry doors. These mobile patrol units also check pathways and car parks. The internal check of premises by these mobile patrol units includes complete check of access doors. The alarm systems would be switched off at the time of internal check and would be rearmed on completion of these internal checks.

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