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Rock breakers and blow moulding machines from Delta Engineering

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Mining machinery from Delta Engineering consists of a wide range of rockbreaker booms. The rock breakers from Delta Engineering are used for various applications. Delta hydraulic pedestal breakers are used in quarrying and mining applications.

These Delta hydraulic pedestal breakers can be mounted to under ground grizzlies and at primary crushers for bridged rock or for breaking oversized rock. This Delta hydraulic pedestal breaker, when used, increases the throughput of a quarry or mine and eliminates dangerous procedures involved in rock breaking. Delta hydraulic pedestal breakers are used for secondary breaking applications as well.

Delta hydraulic breakers are also ideal for cleaning plant vessels and are widely used in steel and aluminium mills to reach the bottom of furnaces, soaking pits, mill pots and ladles. Plastics processing machinery offers different types of blow moulding machines and extruders for processing plastics. Single and double station machines produce containers ranging from 10ml to10 litres. These containers are made from PVC polycarbonates and polyolefin materials.
Custom build plastic machines are also offered for various applications in areas like food, cosmetics, mineral water, house hold chemicals and mineral oils.

Extruders are available in various sizes ranging from 20mm to 100mm and are used in blow moulding machines. These extruders are driven by direct and alternate current with reducers. They are used for processing resins like HMWPE.

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