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Delphi Force Measurement offers tension load cells

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Tension load cells from Delphi Force Measurement comes in various types such as tension cells, chain cell, bolt on sensor and portable tension cell.

Tension load cells when used in tension measuring offers rugged, accurate and safety factor load transducer. This tension load cell is available in stainless steel forms. It can be installed easily with help of standard components like bow shackles. Tension load cells come in various sizes and designs. Delphi load cells are ideal for hand held to direct connection, panel mount and large digit display instruments.

Load cells are used for outdoor installations and dynamic load situations, helps in measuring cables, record pulling tension, and are used in various applications including load measurement in winches and cranes.

Portable tension cells comes with portable aluminium inline system with radio linked digital readout. This Delphi radio linked tension cell is ideal for al types of lifting, towing, weighing and load monitoring where connection cables are non practical.

This portable tension cell is made from high strength aircraft grade aluminium, can with stand a load of 500 percent, comes with flush mounted waterproof on and off switch and range of frequency options. The cells ranging from 2 – 120 tonnes are of grade S shackle sizes and above 100 tonnes it is T grade.

Chain cells are ideal for direct connection to handheld readouts, panel mount, DIN rail and for large digit displays. This chain cell is used for measuring load on chain hoists by using traditional methods. Chain load cells are used for recording force, pulling operations.

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