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Glow-in-dark powder coating system

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NEWCASTLE-based company Delnorth has achieved what it claims is a world first with the development and release of a unique, patented "glow in the dark" two-coat, powder coating system.

Delnorth sees the development of this product, and the system for applying the coating material, as a major breakthrough which will not only help Delnorth in its business activities, but other powder coating companies throughout the world.

Director David Campbell said Delnorth had been a market leader in the development and powder coating of steel and flexible roadside traffic and marker posts over the past ten years.

The range of products currently powder coated by Delnorth is used extensively throughout Australia, UK and Europe and Mr Campbell said the company had been able to diversify and adapt its expertise to develop this system.

The GID coating, as it is called, can be applied to products manufactured from black steel, galvanised steel or aluminium substrates.

It needs only to be excited by sunlight, artificial or incandescent light (1,000 lux) for a minimum period of 10 minutes and it will "glow" for a period in excess of 10 hours.

The powder is completely safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly as it contains no radioactive materials, only rare natural earth ions, known as alkaline earth aluminate.

It has ten times more brightness and glow time than that of the traditional luminosity of zinc sulphide. It has exceptional stability and weatherability. Excitation and light emission can be continually repeated.

Independent tests, carried out to test for long term UV degradation, resulted in negligible change after 1,000 hour QUV accelerated weather testing.

The powder is now available and can be purchased from Delnorth.

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