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Multi-core technology for dual-socket servers and workstations

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Dell has added multi-core technology to its portfolio of dual-socket servers and workstations, delivering up to 52% greater performance while maintaining a common system image for both single and multi-core systems. The updated servers and workstations also provide the investment protection and flexibility of a widely-used and scalable architecture.

Dual-core technology combines two processing units into a single processor chip. The result can be dramatic increases in performance and power efficiency compared to single-core processors, especially when running multiple applications.

The dual-socket Dell PowerEdgeTM 1850, 2800, 2850 and 1855 blade servers, along with the Dell PrecisionTM 470 and 670 workstations, will now incorporate dual-core, Intel XeonTM processors. These new processors incorporate the same Intel chipsets used in single-core Intel Xeon processors for servers and workstations which give customers an easy migration path to multi-core computing. Customers running compute-intensive applications can take advantage of the combined power of Intel Xeon multi-core processors and existing industry-standard high-performance technologies in Dell's dual-socket server and workstation platforms.

Dell PowerEdge servers running I/O-dependent messaging and database applications can see performance improvements of up to 53% when combining multi-core technology with PCI Express and DDR-2 memory. Dell Precision workstation customers who depend on independent software vendor-certified hardware can experience performance boosts of up to 52% on multi-threaded applications in such areas as CAD, digital content creation and scientific analysis.

These systems are also a good choice for customers concerned about balancing performance demands with power consumption; the dual-core processors can increase the total performance per watt of PowerEdge servers and Dell Precision workstations by up to 43%.

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