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Imet Hydraulic semiautomatic bandsaw machine

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Delahenty Machinery has released the new Imet Hydraulic semiautomatic bandsaw machine, mitre cutting from 0° to 60° left and from 0° to 45° right.

Hydraulic vice with adjustable guides, free to move alongside the worktable, with quick motion and clamping. Easy stops at 0°, 45°, 60° left and 45° right.

Adjustment of the blade tension from the front side of the saw frame, checked by an end-stroke.

Other product features include:
* Blade tension 2300 kg/cm², blade guides with hard metal pads
* Steel saw frame with tubular section, pulleys 360mm diameter
* Mechanical device (position sensor) that allows the saw frame to lower quickly toward the material, and detect automatically the start-cut point.
* Connection element for loading table equipped with roller, 400mm wide.
* Slide on the unloading side, which can be transformed in connection for unloading table.
* Adjustable bar stop, blade-cleaning brush, bi-metal blade.
* Main switch with minimum tension coil, emergency button, thermic and magnetic motor protection, motor absorption device
* Floor stand with room inside and door, removable chip collector, coolant tank and electro-pump 
* Tools and user’s book
* In compliance with CEE Safety and Electro-magnetic Compatibility Norms 
In house specials currently available on all floor stock models.

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