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Alpha 300 hydraulic bending machine available from Delahenty

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Today, a company specialised in section bar bending has to have reliable machines and fixtures manufactured with skill and capability.

In every application field, from vast infrastructures to simple aluminium door/window frames, the bending of the section bars takes on an ever-increasing importance, regardless of whether these are in iron, aluminium, stainless steel, copper or other metals.

Tauring, for more than half a century, has been offering a secure and efficient response to the many diversified market demands that over the past few years have seen us leaders with an innovative building philosophy applied to benders.

Although new manufacturers continually appear on the international scenario of machine tools, the solutions that are usually offered are now obsolete, certainly not able to face the challenges that a modern company has to cope with.

The new products are dynamic, precise, reliable, strong, versatile and economic to run – these are the Tauring benchmarks.

The new Alpha 300 is a fully hydraulic bending machine with 3 driving rolls and a dual separate adjustment.

The central roll is the fixed seat, whereas the side rolls slide on straight-line guides, driven independently by high thrust hydraulic cylinders. The driving is by means of three high performance hydraulic geared motors, which are also independent.

The machine is supplied with standard 3-axis hydraulic side correctors, on both sides. Each can take up all the positions needed to make orthogonal corrections to the section bar being bent.

These special correctors call for detailed information, because of the resourceful technological innovation applied.

First of all the supporting rolls are two and not just one. The main advantage is not so much that of having an increased support, but especially the possibility to be able to control that the section bar bending is perfectly planar.

In fact, it is sufficient to control that the two rolls turn simultaneously during the advance of the section bar, to establish whether the bend is level.

If only one of the two rolls turns during the advance of the section bar, this means that the section bar is bending upwards, or downwards according to which roll is in rotation.

Another feature of these side correctors is their double use. As already described, each corrector can move in three directions: horizontal traverse, vertical lifting and rotation.

Furthermore the rolls of each corrector can be sloped separately, by hand, to be able to better correct the warping of the outgoing section bars.

A last feature, certainly not less important than the others, is the principle of the independent supports described previously that can be applied also to the corrector shaft rolls, to considerably increase the stiffness of the entire correction system assembly.

The Alpha300, with its characteristics, is used in medium, but above all in heavy steel structural work.

The standard outfitting has a set of three multi-purpose telescopic rolls to bend different types of section bars. The various components of the rolls along the shafts axis can be adjusted, so as to obtain the ideal configuration to bend a wide range of section bars.

Some examples are given below to show how the rolls can be configured for the bending of some section bars.

The dimensions of this machine require foundation work to be able to work at the height required and more appropriate for the operator.

All rotating components in strongly alloyed steel, heat treated and ground are mounted on highly resistant bearings.

A hydraulic device is used to automatically control and offset the surface speed.

The machine body is in electro-welded steel appropriately ribbed to give good stiffness to the entire structure.

A console encloses all the machine controls. Upon request the machine can be equipped with radio control for remote control of the important commands.

Upon request (optional) a console system hanging on a bearing arm is also available that avoids the obstruction of sheaths on the ground and facilitates the positioning of the operator in the various bending steps.

The hydraulic power pack and the electric cabinet are incorporated into the machine. The latter, in particular, is assembled on a structure hinged to the machine body that allows easy handling of the electric panel, so that the wiring inside the machine and the main parts of the hydraulic system can be accessed.

One of the striking features of this machine is the application of Independent Supports (S.I.) at the ends of the shafts.

The functions of these independent supports have already been described in the previous pages, along with the decisive improvements that these fixtures provide for machine operation.

In particular the important dimensions of the machine independent supports do not allow a fast disassembly and reassembly.

For this reason Tauring has built them in two sections, so as to allow change of rolls with only a few, simple operations.

The Alpha 300 from Tauring is distributed in Australia by Delahenty .

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