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Wind River ICE 2 hardware emulator from Dedicated Systems Australia

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Wind River represented by Dedicated Systems Australia , have announced the availability of Wind River ICE 2, a hardware emulator to improve debugging efficiency. An add-on module to ICE 2 called Wind River Trace 2 will also provide developers visibility into hardware and software interactions. Wind River ICE 2 simplifies uniprocessor and multicore system development challenges by enabling device software developers to visualise complex system interactions and rapidly tracks down the root cause to resolve problems with greater efficiency. ICE 2 allows migration from one processor family to another through firmware upgrades.

Wind River ICE 2 is built on a platform that supports a range of upcoming system-on-a-chip solutions that enables device developers to simplify debugging and improve productivity. Wind River ICE 2 from Dedicated Systems Australia provides advanced remote support and simultaneous debugging of up to 16 cores. The Wind River ICE 2 uses JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) bandwidth to achieve faster run-control and faster downloads.
The benefits of ICE2 are: 

  • Expanded support for new multicore system-on-a-chip processor families and devices that include the 1 to 16-core Cavium OCTEON Multi-core Processor Family, and Freescale multicore processors based on Power Architecture technology such as MPC55xx, MPC8572, MPC8640 and MPC8641D and QorIQ Communications Platforms. 
  • Comprehensive hardware and memory diagnostic ability to enable quick and effective diagnosis of system-level hardware layout issues. 
  • Complete integration with Wind River Workbench, an On-Chip Debugging Edition. · Ability to manage connections with 128 devices on the same scan chain. 
  • Ongoing support for industry leading operating systems, including VxWorks and Wind River Linux. 
  • Enables developers to identify and resolve complex system-level multicore or multi-processor hardware to software integration issues. 
  • LCD panel for easy configuration, set-up and monitoring. 
  • Hardware debug accessibility for developers located in remote sites through the inclusion of a port that communicates information from the device to a target console, independently of the user’s physical location.

Debugging tools with the capacity to scale and ensure cost effective performance in the context of multicore architectures are constantly required. Wind River ICE 2 is suitable for Freescale multicore processors and provides comprehensive multicore support.

Dedicated Systems Australia have collaborated with Wind River across multiple product lines, such as PowerQUICC processors, Power Architecture processors, iMX and QorIQ communication platforms. Wind River ICE 2 is available as a stand-alone solution or packaged with Wind River Workbench for On-Chip Debugging and API.

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