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Wind River ICE 2 emulators available from Dedicated Systems Australia

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System-level debugging on today's advanced 32-bit and 64-bit systems-on-chip (SoCs) requires JTAG probes and emulators for early access and control of the target.

With devices becoming more complex, the semiconductor vendors continue to make investments in the JTAG control block on their SoCs, providing more debugging horsepower and capability to both hardware and software developers.

Wind River provides the JTAG emulator that leverages patent-pending technology and strong semiconductor relationships to extract the full debug potential of the SoCs.

The Wind River ICE 2 emulator, available from Dedicated Systems Australia , is integrated with Wind River's Eclipse-based development environment, Wind River Workbench, On Chip Debugging Edition.

The ICE 2 is adaptable to the ongoing needs of device developers through its ability to readily support current and next-generation complex multicore SoCs with easy to deploy software updates.

Benefits of Wind River ICE 2 include:

  • Ability to identify and resolve complex system-level multicore or multiprocessor hardware/software integration issues, extended to support debugging of up to 16 cores simultaneously through one Wind River ICE 2 emulator
  • Manage connections with 128 devices on a single scan chain
  • Quick and effective diagnosis of system-level hardware layout issues through comprehensive hardware and memory diagnostic capabilities
  • Complete integration with Wind River Workbench, On-Chip Debugging Edition, the Eclipse-based on-chip debugging environment
  • Ongoing support for operating systems, including VxWorks and Wind River Linux
  • Simplified hardware debugging configuration, setup, and status monitoring via the easy to read LCD panel
  • Support for a broad range of processors on the ARM, MIPS, and PowerPC architectures

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