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µTCA Carrier Hub for µTCA systems from Dedicated Systems Australia

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article image NAT-MCH µTCA Carrier Hub

N.A.T. has released NAT-MCH, a µTCA Carrier Hub in the form factor of a single width double height Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC). NAT-MCH provides central management and data switching for all µTCA systems. The NAT-MCH comprises of a base module and numerous optional daughter cards which can be mounted on the base module.

The NAT-MCH is µTCA .0 R1.0 compliant and delivers switching and hub functionality for the various system fabrics as defined in the AMC.x standard series, i.e. Gigabit Ethernet, PCI-Express (PCIe), Serial Rapid I/O (SRIO) or Serial Attached SCSI (SAS). The NAT-MCH can also provide a centralised clock distribution to all AMCs in the system.

The NAT-MCH base board is equipped with a CPU of the Freescale ColdFire family of processors. The CPU operates at core frequency of 200 MHz. The NAT-MCH provides 32MB SDRAM and 16MB FLASH memory. The operating system used with the NAT-MCH is Linux.

  • Support for 12 AMCs, 2 Cooling Units, multiple Power Units
  • GigaBit Ethernet switching
  • PCI Express switching
  • Telecom and non-Telecom clocks
  • Management Controller (MCMC)
  • HPI based API
  • Java based GUI for Linux and Windows Hosts

NAT-MCH µTCA Carrier Hub is available from Dedicated Systems Australia .

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