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S35H Diskpak 3.5 inch hard disk replaces obsolete SCSI drives

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article image The Adtron S35H Diskpak.

THE Adtron S35H Diskpak disk is a 3.5” hard disk that replaces out-of-production 3.5” SCSI hard disk drives.

Using Adtron SmartStorage SCSI host-to-IDE disk adapter architecture - with its controlled command set - combined with a standard 3.5” IDE disk drive, the Adtron S35H Diskpak provides long term availability and eliminates the need to buy obsolete or refurbished 3.5” SCSI hard disk drives.

Available from Dedicated Systems Australia , the S35H Diskpak disk provides the same storage functions found in SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 fast and narrow hard disk drives.

The Adtron firmware and hardware manage the translation from SCSI host commands to IDE disk commands.

The S35H Diskpak disk delivers significant cost savings to the engineering, operations and service departments by eliminating periodic disk qualifications, inventory costs and field upgrades.

Adtron successes included drop-in functionality for systems originally designed in the late 1980s, when older SCSI-based systems required specific geometries or vendor ID strings.

The S35H Diskpak disk can accommodate these features with Adtron SmartStorage technology in the product configuration process. For example, a specifically configured Adtron S35H Diskpak disk can be destroked to the required storage capacity with the required vendor ID string, specified head/cylinder/sector configuration and sector sizes of 256, 512 or 1024 bytes.

Once configured to the target system requirements, no modifications to the target system are required, making the Adtron S35H Diskpak disk an easy upgrade for both factory production and field maintenance.

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