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Quad Serial FPDP data recording system from Dedicated Systems Australia

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VMETROhave released a 6U VME-based quad channel Serial Front Panel Data Port (sFPDP) data recorder and playback system that sustains 800MB/s data recording rates.

The Quad Serial FPDP data recording system is available from Dedicated Systems Australia .

Based on VMETRO’s Vortex VXS/VME data recorder, the quad sFPDP data recorder architecture is scalable to enable increased throughput performance by duplicating the configuration within the same chassis.

Embedded systems designers developing signal intelligence, radar, sonar or image processing applications often digitise sensor data and then transport it using sFPDP links. Utilising the Vortex data recording solution, embedded systems designers can quickly and easily record raw or processed data to storage for analysis.

Up to 800MB/s of sFPDP data is captured (or played back) through a VMETRO SFM quad channel PMC mounted on a Vortex data recorder engine.

The Vortex recording engine hosts VMETRO’s Vortex data recording software, which facilitates efficient, high-speed data transfers between the sFPDP PMC/XMC and Fibre Channel interface, provides I/O and disk management and hosts a web server user interface for platform independent control.

By utilising this web based graphical user interface, end users get data recording applications up and running in a matter of hours without application level programming. Quad Fibre Channel interfaces on the Vortex recording engine enable 800MB/s throughput.

The sFPDP data recorder can provide 133 minutes of continuous data recording when connected to VMETRO’s 3U SBOD (Switched Bunch Of Disks) with sixteen 400GB drives providing 6.4TB total capacity.

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