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Elma’s mechanical incremental encoder from Dedicated Systems Australia

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Elma has introduced a new mechanical, incremental E33 encoder. This E33 encoder is available with or without push button function and has compact housing dimensions of only 11.5 x 12.3 x 4.9mm.

There are three different mounting options available: THT vertical, THT horizontal and SMT vertical, with or without threaded bushing.

The long-life indexing system of the E33 encoder provides up to 200,000 revolutions and features an excellent indexing feel; the indexing feel and high switching torque remain constant over the life of the encoder.

This mechanism also ensures good tactile feedback. The rugged, vibration and shockproof metal design of the E33 encoder with optional IP 67 front panel sealing is suitable for applications in all harsh environments.

The gold plated switching contacts guarantee high switching reliability, even in tough environmental conditions with operating temperatures in the range of –40 to 85 °C.

The E33 encoder has 32 switching positions with 16 pulses per revolution per channel, 2 Ncm switching torque and 6 N push button actuation force. Other resolutions and operating forces are optionally available.

Different shaft shapes and lengths can be chosen as well. The modular system platform enables quick and easy implementation of customer specific requirements, even in small quantities.

The E33 encoder is features a combination of ruggedness, durability, precision engineering and customisation. The E33 encoder is a cost effective choice for a wide range of applications from industrial automation to defense, where quality and reliability are required above all else.

Elma’s mechanical incremental E33 encoder is available from Dedicated Systems Australia .

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