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Elma Electronic AG launches injector and ejector handle

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Elma Electronic AG has launched a new injector and ejector handle for AdvancedTCA boards. The incorporated microswitch option and the two-stage eject mechanism guarantee the trouble-free running of the hot-swap sequence. Plug-in units can thus be exchanged quickly and reliably during operation.

Elma presents a new injector and ejector handle that is not just impressive due to its ergonomic design. The ATCA Ergonomic Handle guarantees the proper release and locking of the plug-in unit, confirming this with a clearly audible and positive click.

With the elegant ejector handle, the powerful engaging forces of 500 N can be effortlessly overcome. The well-thought-out mechanics of the ATCA Ergonomic Handle ensure that even if subjected to strong vibrations the board stays in position and the microswitch is not inadvertently activated. When locked, the ATCA Ergonomic Handle lies flat against the front panel and it is not possible to release the card accidentally.

With the ATCA Ergonomic Handle, Elma provides an injector and ejector handle for AdvancedTCA plug-ins that incorporates a microswitch. The component is built according to PICMG 3.0 (Basic standard for AdvancedTCA) just the same – microswitches on the front panel or on the board can also be activated reliably.

The integration of the switch into the ejector handle offers substantial benefits; however, for configurations with microswitches on the board or on the front panel, strict manufacturing and installation tolerances must be adhered to if the switching process is to run properly. With the microswitch installed on the ATCA Ergonomic Handle, this tolerance chain is avoided. The switching function is separated from the inject and eject functions, and can also be tested before installing the card.

The ejector handle is quickly and easily installed with just two screws. This reduces the manufacturing and installation costs. An additional reduction in costs is achieved since the cut-out at the side of the front panel for operating the microswitch, and the additional installation of the centring pin and locking screw are no longer necessary. Both components are integral to the ATCA Ergonomic Handle.

In addition to the clearly audible and tactile inject and eject function, this well-thought-out eject handle offers fail-safe activation of the microswitch and integrates all the necessary accessory elements in one component.

The ATCA Ergonomic Handle can be acquired from Dedicated Systems.

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