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ELMA system monitor is available from Dedicated systems

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System monitor keeps an eye on feel-good data. Power supply voltages, temperatures and fan speeds: if these parameters are within specified values, the computer is in good shape. The task of the new system monitor from ELMA is thus to reliably monitor and control these values.

After the associated Eurocard (3 U, 100 x 160 mm) has been integrated in the system, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the Internet and instructed to carry out commands. Naturally, access is protected by a password.

One of the strengths of the ELMA system monitor is its platform independence – it can monitor VME, VME64x and CompactPCI. As the ELMA system monitor is designed as an open system, users can easily configure the settings and the assignments of the I/O pins and adapt them to their particular wishes.

The unit can continuously monitor eight external voltages (five positive and three negative), six analogue temperature signals, and eight digital temperature signals – all with configurable upper and lower limits.

ELMA system monitor can also monitor up to 12 fans and control their speeds in proportion to temperature changes. That keeps the noise level of the system at the minimum possible level for the current operating conditions. The fan speeds are controlled by PWM signals.

All of the above functions are provided by a high-performance 16-bit microcontroller with an integrated 12-bit A/D converter. Initial configuration of the unit to meet the customer’s requirements, or adapting the configuration to meet individual needs, is especially easy using an RS232 interface and a convenient user interface program, such as Hyperterminal.

The system monitor is linked to the network via a 10-MB/s Ethernet interface, and intuitive operation is ensured by a command line interface with an easily understandable syntax. The password-protected configuration activities and monitoring tasks are performed using TCP/IP and the Telnet protocol.

A system website showing all the monitored values can be accessed using a web browser (HTTP protocol). Quasi-active error polling can be implemented using a supplementary function of the software. An automatic query command triggers an error status message from the system monitor as an echo. This effectively takes over the function of proactive error reporting.

In addition to network monitoring, the alarms are indicated by LEDs. Alarms can also be signalled to external modules via 16 digital outputs. In addition, 16 digital inputs can be monitored and evaluated. Typical VME signals (ACFAIL, SYSRESET and SYSFAIL) and Cpci signals (FAL and PRST) are also supported.

Besides the plug-in Eurocard version, the ELMA system monitor is also available in other versions for fixed installation inside a system or other uses.

ELMA system monitor is available from Dedicated systems.

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