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WINDRIVER has released Wind Power IDE 2, the first and only development environment that enables companies to work with both VxWorks and Linux. It is available from Dedicated Systems .

Wind Power IDE 2 integrates and optimises the development environment. Developers can now create and deploy application software with greater flexibility. Cross-project, cross-platform development can be accomplished efficiently. Training costs are reduced by a single environment with one set of tools. It supports a wide range of processors, architectures and operating systems. This makes it an ideal standard environment.

Wind Power IDE 2 is based on the Eclipse framework. By combining a common look and feel with development tools across environments and on all hosts it enables seamless integration with in-house and third-party tools. Wind Power IDE 2 will support development on the Linux kernel and will be integrated with the next generation of Wind River Platforms.

It includes an editor, a code browser, project management and build tools, and CM integration. It also offers a debugger, GCC compiler support, system level runtime analysis, memory use, profiling, code coverage, execution trace, value tracking via RTI scope tools, and simulation capability

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