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Dedicated Systems Australia’s RTI offers real-time messaging, data distribution technology

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Real-Time Innovations (RTI), a supplier of Dedicated Systems Australia , is a Real-Time Middleware Expert. RTI has succeeded in providing real-time messaging and data distribution technology to unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs).

RTI also commits to future UAV design and development advancements. The use of RTI middleware can make UAVs more reliable and increase flexibility as mission parameters change and evolve.

RTI middleware, which complies with the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS) standard, has been adopted by several developers of UAV systems.

Insitu is using RTI software in multiple portions of platforms, such as on UAV airframes, in ground control stations (GCSs) and in future air-to-ground communications.

On the airframes, RTI connects flight control computers, sensors and on-board application computers. Within GCSs, RTI connects the systems that decode data feeds, analyse the UAV's situation and interface to the operator control.

RTI middleware is also being used in the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI), Advanced Cockpit GCS. RTI provides features such as highly tunable real-time Quality of Service and support for multiple transmission protocols, including unreliable network connections.

These characteristics enable UAV systems to operate more reliably and ensure high performance in a wide variety of missions.

The DDS standard provides a highly scalable infrastructure for evolving UAV systems. Instead of relying on hard-coded or pre-configured connections, it allows applications to communicate in a loosely coupled fashion through anonymous publish-subscribe messaging.

Applications communicate by indicating the types of data that they publish and subscribe. Messages are automatically routed between publishing and subscribing applications based on their content.

DDS addresses both cross-vendor source-code portability through a standard API and multi-vendor run-time interoperability through a standard wire protocol.

RTI's implementation of the DDS standard adheres to both API and wire protocol specifications while offering high performance. In particular, RTI provides a completely tunable reliability model to optimise transport utilisation over transient, high-delay, bandwidth-limited and lossy networks.

The result is efficient and reliable transport for unreliable networks that can be tuned as network conditions and bandwidth requirements fluctuate. This type of transport is ideal for wireless and/or highly uncertain communication between vehicle and ground station.

The use of RTI middleware reduces application complexity by abstracting communication details, which enables developers to write less code in order to achieve a more robust solution. RTI middleware also improves system responsiveness and the ability to meet more mission parameters in actual use.

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