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Dedicated Systems Australia’s PRQA supports MISRA C++:2008 Coding Standard

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PRQA (Programming Research), a supplier of Dedicated Systems Australia , has announced support for the newly released MISRA C++:2008 coding standard through QA·C++, its high-fidelity language analysis tool.

MISRA C++:2008 is the new and most eagerly awaited coding standard to be published by MISRA and is expected to be rapidly adopted across the software industry.

PRQA, an innovator in coding standard enforcement and language-based static analysis, has been integral to the development of the coding standard as the committee’s only representative from the ISO C++ Working Group.

The MISRA C++ guidelines promote restrictions for safe curtailment of the C++ language, suitable for the development of safety and mission critical development in embedded and system-level environments.

QA·MISRA for C++ demonstrates ongoing commitment by PRQA to provide high possible enforcement of coding standards. With its high-fidelity parsing and C++ language product focus, PRQA is well-positioned to remain at the vanguard of modern advanced language-based code analysis.

With the increased dependence on reliable embedded and system software in safety and mission critical applications and the continued adoption of C++ for those systems, there is a growing demand for software vendors in many industry sectors to adhere to MISRA coding standards.

Through QA·MISRA for C++, developers of any software based sub-system can effectively and confidently meet the MISRA C++:2008 coding standard.

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