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Range of banking products from Dedicated Micros

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The responsibility associated with managing a bank's security arrangements can be a daunting task.

There are many areas to be taken into consideration such as monitoring a cashier's counters and remote ATM locations, to securing a financial institution's HQ.

Dedicated Micros range of banking products can help one design a comprehensive system specific to user’s needs or upgrade the current system to incorporate emerging technologies that provide one’s customers with improved service and help their security staff cut down on the time it takes to perform everyday tasks.


Based on DM's award winning DVR technology the 4 camera DVIP-ATM provides rapid resolution of customer disputes and high quality video evidence in the fight to stamp out the fraudulent use of cash and credit cards.

The DV-IP ATM is specifically sized for installation within the confined conditions of an ATM the unit records and associates ATM transaction data with the relevant CCTV video footage, allowing data to be interrogated via a sophisticated text search engine.

Spot monitor support provides a visual deterrent and helps assure customers and staff of a safe and secure cash withdrawal facility

Digital video recorders:

Dedicated Micros range of DVRs provide CCTV monitoring solutions from simple stand alone installations through to enterprise systems capable of real-time surveillance and recording of virtually limitless numbers of premises from remote locations.

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